Let’s Balance! Budgeting Simulation Game for County Officials

Jul. 24, 2016 , 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Developed by the Leon County Government, this scenario-based budgeting workshop will give you a front row seat to the budgeting process for county commissioners. This immersive session is created to provide newly elected officials and county citizens with the opportunity to understand the ins and outs of budgeting in a fun and interactive way. Through the twist and turns of the game, you will experience the difficult challenges and tough choices of balancing a budget as competing and conflicting demands vie for limited resources. Participants will use financial reserves, allocate revenue and expenditure options to fund community and organizational priorities and while dealing with such dynamics as natural disasters and unfunded mandates along the way.


  • Mr. Vince Long, County Administrator, Leon County, Fla.
  • Honorable Bryan Desloge, Commissioner, Leon County, Fla.
  • Mr. Alan Rosenzweig, Deputy County Administrator Leon County, Fla.