The Growing Experience Urban Farm

Jul. 21, 2016 , 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Mobile Workshop

The Growing Experience Community Environmental Resource Center (TGE), operated by the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles, is a seven-acre facility located within Carmelitos Public Housing (Carmelitos). TGE operates programs that create affordable access to locally grown healthy produce, provide education and skills training opportunities related to environmental sustainability for underserved youth and young adults and engage the public through seasonal community events and volunteerism. Participants in this mobile workshop will be able to view TGE's facilities, which includes a 4.5 acre urban farm featuring agricultural crops grown using environmentally sustainable methods, a climate-controlled greenhouse featuring an aquaponics and vertical towers growing system, a demonstration and drought-tolerant community food forest, a food waste composting program, and multi- purpose meeting space.

This mobile workshop is part of the 2016 NACo Annual Conference.    In addition to conference registration, please fill out the RSVP below to secure your spot in this workshop.

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