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Counties and Cash: How to Improve the Management of Cash Transactions

May. 26, 2017 , 10:45 am – 12:15 pm
Heritage Room, Great Hall Conference Center

Often, counties use traditional banking structures to conduct financial transactions, such as collecting property taxes or other fees, with their residents. Yet, a share of county residents and businesses do not have access to such institutions and, therefore, must conduct business in cash. For counties, cash transactions mean higher costs due to the need for face-to-face transactions, potentially non-secure and unsafe payments, issues with recording and reporting to external authorities, and a higher likelihood for mistakes.  Join this interactive training to learn about strategies counties are using to increase access to financial institutions for their taxpayers to ensure timely and secure payments and while simultaneously lowering operating costs. 

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    2017 WIR Conference

    The Western Interstate Region is affiliated with the National Association of Counties and is dedicated to the promotion of Western interests within NACo. These interests include public land issues (use and conservation), community stability and economic development, and the promotion of the traditional Western way of life.

    Counties and Cash: How to Improve the Management of Cash Transactions is a part of 2017 WIR Conference.

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