Building Broadband Opportunities: How Local Leaders Can Make a Difference

May. 16, 2016 , 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Are you a city or county leader interested in leveraging the power of broadband to drive economic growth, increase access to education, healthcare and job opportunities, and improve the quality of life in your community? Are you seeking tools, assistance and support to expand local broadband connectivity and utilization? Join the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on Monday, May 16 for a two-part webinar focused on community broadband. 

Part 1 of the series (1 - 2PM EST) will provide an overview of the community broadband landscape, offer examples of successful local broadband initiatives and discuss resources available to help cities and counties get connected and get citizens online. Learn why local leaders need to make broadband a priority and what tools and federal programs exist to help them pursue broadband opportunities for their communities. Register Here

Part 2 of the series (2 - 3PM EST) will focus on how to bring your broadband goals to life by planning a successful broadband project. Learn how to create a “community broadband roadmap” that outlines a strategic broadband vision, assesses a community’s unique resources and needs, engages and mobilizes stakeholders and lays out a plan of action to turn vision into reality. Register Here

This two-part webinar series will give participants a better understanding of the role local leaders can play in expanding access to and adoption of broadband in their communities. Join us for just one portion, or sign up for both to take a deep dive into the ways that broadband can change your community for the better.

Interested in learning more about infrastructure? Check out the Infrastructure Week calendar for a full slate of events taking place May 16-20.