Behind the Scenes of Grand Teton National Park: Intergovernmental Collaboration at Work

May. 24, 2016 , 12:15 pm – 5:30 pm
2016 WIR Conference

MOBILE WORKSHOP (Pre-Registration Required) 

Join senior Grand Teton National Park officials in a behind-the-scenes tour of one of our most popular national treasures. Towering over Wyoming’s sagebrush plains, the Tetons soar to elevations above 13,000 feet, providing spectacular views and unparalleled opportunities for wildlife watching and recreation. Last year, Grand Teton National Park attracted a record number of visits – 4.6 million. On this mobile workshop, you can sit back and take in the scenery and wildlife, while also learning about the visitor services, utilities, emergency services, concession operations and partnerships that it takes to run a large, complex national park. This bus tour will travel through the heart of the national park, where you will learn about unique collaborative efforts by local, state and federal agencies, including the Jackson Hole Airport (the only commercial airport in a national park), state-owned land parcels within national park boundaries and cooperative emergency services. The tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the world-renowned Jackson Lake Lodge for beautiful views and some Wyoming hospitality.

Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and dress to be outside.

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