COVID-19: County Economies

  • COVID-19: County Economies

Explore the latest on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on county economies across the country.

The nation’s 3,069 counties are on the frontlines of the local economic response to COVID-19 and are deeply invested in local residents’ economic security. Not only do counties employ 3.6 million people across the country, counties administer local resources for economic and workforce development in our communities. Counties are involved in 90% of the nation’s 550 Workforce Development Boards and nearly 30% of these Boards operate within a county department or as a county agency. Counties invest over $200 billion annually in economic development, double the amount spent by cities. Counties are the social safety net for most residents, and they outspend cities at a rate of 3 to 1 on health services or public welfare.

The COVID-19 outbreak puts many of these services, the people who provide them and the people they serve at risk. Counties rely on critical revenues from sales, meals, lodging, property tax and fees to reinvest in supporting economic development, workforce support, and key safety net programs. Counties across the country are working to protect public health and minimize economic shock and instability.


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