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Home-Based Business Assistance Program

York County, Va.

As far back as 2011, York County staff and officials noticed a substantial increase in home-based business licenses. The data showed that two‐thirds of our businesses are home-based and that this trend is growing, here and worldwide. York County has a high ratio of home‐based businesses. Our area is home to a large number of highly‐educated retirees from several local military, educational, and Department of Defense (DOD) assets. Upon retirement, many of these individuals begin consulting or contracting work from home. The DOD‐dependent nature of our community also means that we have thousands of transient, active‐duty military families with spouses who own their own home‐based businesses. In addition, the 2008 economic downturn caused many traditional brick‐and‐mortar businesses to close up shop or downsize and move the business to their homes. Since we could find no programs that existed locally or at the state or federal level to meet the needs of home‐based business owners, the York County Home‐Based Business Assistance Program was born! The program is a comprehensive economic development initiative developed in 2015 to help the home‐based portion of our business community grow and thrive. The program includes a Transition Grant, a Home‐Based Business Resource Fair & Conference, and the Home‐Based Business Lunch & Learn Series, all of which provide resources, support and opportunities for our local home‐based business owners. Most experts agree that home‐based businesses are the way of the future for much of the American and world‐wide workforce. Technology, cost of doing business, changes in family structures and needs, and changes in the work‐life balance desires of today’s workers are fueling this trend. As this lifestyle becomes more mainstream, new programs will emerge to meet the needs of this sector. York County is proud to be at the forefront of this growing trend!

Mr. James W. Noel, Jr. 
Economic Development Director

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