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Placer County, Calif.

Placer County Adult System of Care (ASOC) has had a long history of providing integrated and comprehensive behavioral health services always working to coordinate with physical health services. Through a new program, established October 1, 2015, and funded in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, clients with a serious mental illness can now receive integrated mental health, substance use, and physical health care services focused on increasing wellness and building a sense of community. This new service delivery program, “Health 360”, is led by Nursing staff, and available to current and new clients in the Placer County ASOC Program. The Health 360 mission has been to both add service options for consumers and also to partner with existing staff/case managers to provide a “whole health approach” to care. Health 360 coordinates services between primary care, mental health, and substance use treatment providers to improve client outcomes. The Health 360 Team is a multi-disciplinary treatment team who work in tandem with ASOC’s physicians, nurses and the Clinic Services Team; comprised of 13 mental health professionals (Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), Peer Staff, and Counselors) that provides direct non-acute services to the majority of Placer County’s clients who are Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI). The teams work together to identify shared mental health and physical health goals, motivate clients through integrated efforts, and improve clients’ overall health and wellness utilizing a number of different evidenced based practices. The Health 360 Program has over 80 clients with each person is assigned to both a Health Coach and a mental health professional for assistance. Services currently include: individual and group treatment, medication reconciliation, smoking cessation, nutrition planning, health education, and access to healthy activities such as walking groups.

Mr. Jeffrey S. Brown 
Health & Human Services Director

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