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A home is important.  A job is important.  County government can make both possible.

To build a new home it takes the coordination of over 25 different trades from architects and bankers and framers and roofers - and also inspections and permits.  To ensure county government is doing all it can to help ensure jobs and homes - government and business can work together. 

The NAHB urges policy makers at all levels of government to monitor land use and environmental laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, and approval procedures.  See more information on land development best practices on the NAHB land use website.

When an environment to safely and efficiently build exists; the need for workers is another obstacle and again cooperation will lead to success.

A recent study notes that California led all states with more than half a million workers employed in home building in 2016. Rounding out the Top 5 were Texas, New York and North Carolina, respectively.

The states with the highest share of the labor force working in home building include Montana (4.1%), Florida (3.9%), Idaho (3.7%), Colorado (3.5%) and Vermont (3.5%).  Read the full study at

To help teach new workers the skills needed to be an electrician or carpenter a county government can join forces with job training programs like Home Builders Institute (HBI),  The mission of HBI is to advance and provide education, career development, training and placement of men and women serving the building industry.   The HBI can help fill that void in skilled workers.  

Together the home building industry and county government can provide solutions to the housing and job shortage.  Local associations can be found on the NAHB website.

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