Smart Online Database Provides Government Buyers with Effortless Sole Source Verification

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Orange County, FL — Sole source validation was not always an easy task for Orange County government buyers. While no-bid contracts can save agencies time, the process to justify a no-bid contract can be complicated, time-consuming, and tedious due to the large amount of  ocumentation and procedure required. Now, there is a better way to handle sole sourcing.

Joe Thrasher, CEO of Tinker LLC, had an interesting situation on his hands. His company, which provides water conservation programs for public schools, came up during a search on GovSpend, the largest online database of government purchase orders. But what exactly did this mean for Tinker and its government clients, such as Orange County Utility?

Not long ago, Thrasher believed that his company was the only one in the US who provided these types of efficiency services for government. Tinker reached out to Orange County Utility to provide their services through what was expected to be a no-bid contract.

"We use GovSpend to verify sole source claims and evaluate vendors, allowing us to make the best possible purchasing decisions." -Michael Davis, Buyer at Orange County Utility

Michael Davis, a buyer for Orange County Utilities’ purchasing department, ran a sole source verification on the GovSpend platform, which compiles data from over 24,000 agencies across the country, to determine if Tinker really is the only company in its field.

Turns out, it is not. Orange County Utility discovered at least one other company that is currently competing for government water conservation contracts. 

Not only was this quick validation critical for Orange County’s procurement process, it also gave Thrasher valuable market insight that was previously unavailable to his company.

Thrasher’s organization has since adopted GovSpend as a source of actionable data for generating fresh government business leads.

"It's beneficial for me to see what's out there, and what other companies are doing" - Joe Thrasher, CEO at Tinker, LLC

Cases like this, with Orange County Utility and Tinker LLC prove that data-driven tech solutions are giving government buyers the power to minimize risk when making important purchasing decisions. Smart governance is rapidly changing the way purchasing departments do procurement, and how companies approach doing business with the government. Online applications, like GovSpend, give agencies the competitive intelligence they need to quickly validate sole source claims and get the best price while maintaining full transparency and saving countless hours of time normally spent on manual processes.

GovSpend is an online database of government purchase orders from federal, state, and local agencies. Government municipalities are provided access to the system to identify local vendors., evaluate pricing for best available rate, confirm vendor performance, validate sole source, and find piggybacking opportunities. In addition, this solution includes GovQuote, the first fully web-based digital platform to seamlessly connect government agencies and private companies on the largest and fastest request for quote (RFQ) marketplace. Agencies request quotes in under 60 seconds, stay 100% compliant, and keep all of their vendor quotes centralized.

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