Save Time, Reduce Expenses and Increase Return on Your Investments With MBS and eConnectDirect®

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In today’s current interest rate environment, every dollar invested counts. Many experts are predicting higher rate increases in the future, but basing investment decisions on interest rate projections can be a risky choice for public funds investors. Variables that drive the market are so complex that even market experts cannot consistently predict rate trends. Many investors have lost out on investment returns over the past 10 years while waiting for rates to increase, which is problematic for investors who are accountable for public funds.

Since 2012, NACo has partnered with Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. (MBS) and its proprietary online investment platform, eConnectDirect®, as an essential tool for county treasurers to confidently invest in any rate environment. Because eConnectDirect aggregates offerings from hundreds of brokers in one location, finance officers can now quickly and easily scan the entire marketplace from their desk to find the best rates available. eConnectDirect can help you find the most suitable investment, allowing you to match your investment decisions to your cash flow needs and avoid the cost of waiting.

“Multi-Bank Securities and eConnectDirect are an awesome combination,” said Mike Fender, finance and budget director for Camden County, Ga. “…Not only did we double the amount of interest on our investments, but we have a simple report that structures all of our investments for the auditors.”*

MBS furthered its relationship with NACo by becoming a Premier Corporate Partner in 2017.

 “We are proud to have MBS as our newest Premier Corporate Partner,” said Anthony Jamison, NACo Business Development Manager, County Solutions and Innovation, in a press release. “Local governments are consistently pressured to do more with less, and we look forward to working with MBS to bring reliable and successful investment solutions to counties across America.”

While eConnectDirect allows customers to be self-sufficient if they choose, the service also allows them to work with a licensed MBS account representative in a dynamic way – working side-by-side with you to find the best investment for your needs or answer any questions you may have.

eConnectDirect provides an online channel for you to easily compare, select and manage offerings within the fixed-income securities marketplace, as well as the tools to monitor CD insurance coverage.

eConnectDirect and MBS offer access to the following investment products:

  • CDs
  • U.S. Treasuries
  • U.S. agencies
  • Municipal bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • New-issue and secondary bonds

“Knowledge is power, and eConnectDirect gives me the power to make my investment decisions fast, efficiently and in time with the market,” said Dawn Cragon, treasurer of Ashtabula County, Ohio.

eConnectDirect helps you target new investment opportunities with market transparency, a broad mix of asset classes and on-demand access to online statements, reports and more:

  • CD insurance scrub
  • One-step market view via maturity ladder
  • Maturity alerts and other customizable notifications
  • Free safekeeping/custodial solution with streamlined account access
  • Access to historical financial data for banks and credit unions
  • Clear, concise management reports to highlight how your money is working for the county
  • No obligations and no subscription fees**

More than 160 counties and 470 local governments have already signed up for eConnectDirect because it helps them save time, gives them greater control over their investment portfolios and helps them be more knowledgeable about current market pricing.

Interested? To learn more or to schedule a personalized demonstration, contact:

John Coban
Senior Vice President
(855) 928-0108

*Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other investors and are no guarantee of future performance or success. Sources were not compensated for their testimonials.
**There may be fees associated with other products/services offered by MBS.
For institutional investors only, not intended for the investing public. Copyright © 2018 Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. All rights reserved. eConnectDirect® is a registered trademark of Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. Member of FINRA & SIPC; MSRB Registered.

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