Registration open for NACo’s 2018 Farm Bill Summit: April 5-7 in Palm Beach County, Florida

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The National Association of Counties (NACo) invites you to attend the landmark 2018 Farm Bill Summit, April 5–7 in Palm Beach County, Florida. All counties are encouraged to attend this summit as we examine the need for a comprehensive and long-term Farm Bill to help strengthen our national economy and provide critical services to all counties — rural and urban alike.

As Washington, D.C. moves forward with the 2018 Farm Bill, NACo is ready to bring your voice to the table.

The Farm Bill contains programs that assist counties in economic development efforts, nutrition assistance programs, conservation initiatives, renewable energy deployment, support for new farmers and ranchers, and business development initiatives. The summit, sponsored by NACo’s Rural Action Caucus (RAC), will host educational tours, workshops and panel discussions that examine how the Farm Bill and its various programs impact every facet of American life, from economic development to conservation to disaster relief.

To register for the Farm Bill Summit, and for information about how to book your hotel room for the event, please click here.

A draft agenda for the summit may be found here.

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About Arthur Scott (Full Bio)

Associate Legislative Director – Political Outreach Manager

Arthur Scott serves as Associate Legislative Director for NACo’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs portfolio, lobbying on a broad range of issues facing rural counties. Arthur also serves as Political Outreach Manager for NACo developing and leveraging strategic partnerships to help address key county priorities in Congress and the Administration.

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