New Resiliency Resource for Counties

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The COResiliency Resource Center, a first-of-its-kind, online platform for resiliency knowledge and technical resources, provides government agencies, elected officials, community organizations, the private sector and individual resiliency champions with knowledge and resources to understand, plan for and act on resilience. The Resource Center includes planning guidance, case studies, templates, training modules and links to a broad range of technical information from Colorado and the United States. It is intended to evolve over time to include the latest resiliency trends, research and tools, making it a robust go-to resiliency hub.

Counties interested in learning more about what resiliency is and why it is important will find the “Understand” section to be a great place to start. There they can find information about what resiliency is, how it aligns with the community and everyday business and why resiliency is critical given Colorado’s past disasters, future population growth and changing conditions. The “Plan” section guides users from moving beyond resiliency concepts into planning for resiliency. It includes guidance and tools for developing a local resiliency framework, as well as an overview of opportunities to incorporate resiliency into everyday community practices, including hazard mitigation plans, land use practices, comprehensive plans and capital improvement plans. The “Act” section is still being developed, and when completed, will provide best practices from around the state and the country for implementing resiliency projects, and help counties and other communities navigate and better understand the variety of potential state, federal and non-government funding opportunities.

While created by the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office, the site isn't just geared towards Colorado communities. Counties from across the nation can learn from the valuable information on this site. If you have any questions or feedback on the site, please email Rob Pressly at

About Jenna Moran (Full Bio)

Associate Program Director – Resiliency, Transportation & Infrastructure

Jenna Moran is Associate Director for Resiliency, Transportation and Infrastructure on NACo's Community Resilience and Economic Development team. She handles grants and initiatives relating to resilience, community and economic development, arts and culture and transportation and infrastructure.

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