New NACo Member Benefit: Cybersecurity for Counties

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Protect your county with NACo and the MS-ISAC 

County governments are tasked with protecting and serving the residents of their community. As our country shifts towards using more technology, protecting digital information has become a new challenge for counties.

To solve these challenges, NACo is pleased to announce our partnership with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) to promote increased cybersecurity protections for county governments.

The MS-ISAC is the US Department of Homeland Security’s key resource for cyber threat prevention, protection, response and recovery for state and local governments.

At no cost, counties can get involved in this cybersecurity program, which can provide:

  • vulnerability management program,
  • IP and domain monitoring,
  • notifications of possible compromises,
  • incident response resources,
  • tools for simplifying security updates,
  • secure portals for communication and document sharing,
  • cyber intel advisories & alerts,
  • malicious code analysis platform and
  • self-assessments for cybersecurity management.

Cybersecurity for counties provides real-time monitoring and early threat detections through the MS-ISAC’s Security Operations Center and threat response with their Computer Emergency Response Team. They provide 24x7 support and offer a professional team to assist with cybersecurity incidents.

In addition to these resources, the MS-ISAC can provide additional cybersecurity services at cost. These services include:

  • Network security monitoring & analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment services
  • Network and web application penetration testing
  • Phishing assessments

To learn more about protecting your county with NACo and the MS-ISAC, please visit

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