NACo Submits Public Comments on BLM’s Planning 2.0 Regulation

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On Thursday, May 19, 2016 NACo submitted comments to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management regarding its proposed Planning 2.0 rule, which seeks to amend existing regulations relating to land use planning and opportunities for public engagement in BLM’s planning process. The proposed rule will impact how BLM plans for and manages its 245 million acres of public lands and 700 million acres of subsurface minerals for years to come and could affect counties nationwide.

NACo’s goal in this effort is to ensure local government involvement is at the forefront of BLM resource management planning and that local governments have the time necessary to analyze the implications of the substantive regulatory changes presented in the Planning 2.0 rule. As co-regulators and intergovernmental partners in the BLM’s mission, counties have a significant interest in providing BLM with the most meaningful information and analysis possible to help craft BLM regulations and land-use and resource management plans. 

In NACo’s official comments to BLM, we expressed concerns that the Planning 2.0 rule:

  • Has not provided sufficient time for counties to digest and offer comment on the proposed rule changes;
  • Has proposed changes that will reduce requirements to ensure federal consistency with local policies; and
  • Seeks to implement a multistate landscape level of analysis that could diminish its ability to meaningfully assess the local impacts of management decisions

We ask counties with BLM lands or subsurface minerals within their boundaries to review the Planning 2.0 rule and submit their own comments to BLM on how the rule will impact their county. 

The comment period will close on May 25, 2016.

Click here for a sample letter and instructions on how to submit comments to BLM on behalf of your county.

The sample letter that you may use as a template includes an attachment to submit alongside your letter. In order to ensure your voice is heard, it is important to submit your letter and the attachment before the May 25th deadline. 

If you have any questions, please contact NACo Associate Legislative Director Chris Marklund at or 202.942.4207.

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