NACo Counties Care Social Media Day on August 29th

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Through a partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, NACo is excited to host the #CountiesCare Social Media Day on Wednesday, August 29th to showcase how counties have taken innovative pathways to alleviate poverty and increase well-being, particularly in our nation’s rural counties. Throughout the day, NACo will share examples of how counties connect residents to services and key federal programs, such as TANF, SNAP and Medicaid. The day will highlight county best practices, as well as resources and tools for counties to share and utilize.

Join NACo by posting links to or short summaries of your county’s projects, resources, lessons learned, tips and innovative efforts on NACo’s Facebook page or on Twitter @NACoTweets using the hashtag #CountiesCare.

The highlight of the day will be a #CountiesCare Twitter Chat at 2 p.m. EST through @NACoTweets.

What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host or moderator will pose questions — designated with Q1, Q2… — to prompt responses from participants using A1, A2… and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last an hour.

Twitter Chat Questions

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What does poverty look like in your #county?


What are your #county’s top priorities or goals in working to alleviate poverty and increase well-being?


How has your #county worked across sectors or collaborated with new partners to better connect at-risk individuals and families to services?


How has your #county used an intergenerational approach to alleviate poverty?


What role has data and data-sharing played in your #county’s efforts in addressing poverty?


What programs or projects has your #county implemented to address hunger and food insecurity?


What programs or projects has your #county implemented in workforce training to support pathways to stable employment?


How have federal assistance programs such as #TANF, #SNAP, and #Medicaid been able to connect critical support to struggling and at-risk residents in your #county?

NACo’s  #CountiesCare Twitter chat will be focused on how counties support underserved and lower-income residents through critical and creative programs and partnerships. 

To participate in the conversation, please respond to the questions posted by @NACoTweets and tweet your county’s stories and resources using the hashtag #CountiesCare and the corresponding A1, A2, A3, for each answer.

If your tweet is longer than 280 characters, remember you can split it up into multiple tweets by adding a counter to the end of each tweet. For example, “2/5” to indicate this tweet is the second of five tweets that make up your response. If you plan to respond in this manner, please note that it is recommended you compose all tweets upfront and then publish them in quick succession one after the other, rather than composing one and tweeting, composing the next and tweeting. This better ensures the tweets will appear in order on the feed.

About Jack Morgan (Full Bio)

Program Manager for Community and Economic Development

Jack Morgan works as a Program Manager for Community and Economic Development in NACo's Community, Economic and Workforce Development practice area. He handles community and economic development, resilience and transportation grants and programs. 

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