FEMA releases new strategic plan

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently released its new 2018-2022 strategic plan, which outlines a vision of unifying and further professionalizing emergency management across the country.

FEMA’s new strategic plan encompasses three overall goals including:

  • Building a culture of preparedness
  • Preparing the nation for catastrophic disasters
  • Reducing the complexity of FEMA’s everyday work

FEMA’s new strategic plan released by Administrator Brock Long is a major undertaking and outlines the goals of the agency over the next four years.

The agency’s first goal – building a culture of preparedness – is designed to promote the idea that every citizen should be prepared when disaster strikes. To accomplish this goal, FEMA’s new plan aims to educate communities on their risks and build new relationships across communities to connect a nation facing a diverse set of challenges and circumstances. In moving forward with this goal, FEMA hopes to minimize the loss of life, injuries and property following catastrophic disasters.

The agency’s next goal – preparing the nation for catastrophic disasters – is designed to focus on enhancing our nation’s collective readiness. To accomplish this goal, FEMA plans to promote a scalable and capable national incident workforce to adapt and deploy to a changing risk landscape. Additionally, FEMA hopes that through greater integration with partners at the state and local level, effective communication and coordination will be enhanced nationwide. FEMA recognizes that all disasters are local, and the importance of counties and local emergency management agencies as first responders when disaster strikes is critical to the agency’s core mission.

Finally, under the agency’s third goal of reducing the complexity of FEMA’s everyday work, the agency aims to promote simpler and less complex processes to streamline support for individuals and communities impacted by a catastrophic disaster.

Counties are on the ground before disasters hit, as first responders, and through the rebuilding process, and remain an integral partner with the federal government in addressing the growing costs of natural disasters. NACo remains committed to partnering with FEMA and connecting the agency with local officials across the country to further enhance our nations preparedness when disaster strikes.

For more information or to review FEMA’s 2018-2022 strategic plan click here

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