FEMA opens public comment period for Senior Leader Toolkit

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FEMA announces opening of public comment period for recently released Senior Leader Toolkit Toolkit would provide local emergency managers with the capability to relay to senior elected leaders their duties and responsibilities following a disaster

On October 17, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) opened a public comment period to request feedback on its recently released Senior Leader Toolkit. Emergency managers will be able to utilize this toolkit to provide senior government leaders and policy makers with an understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities during the jurisdiction’s initial response to an incident. These documents will be available for public comment until November 16 at 5:00 p.m. EST. 

FEMA developed the Senior Leader Toolkit as a customizable template to allow local emergency managers to modify it to better highlight the specific duties senior and elected leaders must be prepared to undertake in crisis and incident management. Incident management responsibilities vary widely across the country based on the local laws and authorities of a given jurisdiction. By creating the toolkit as a customizable template, emergency managers will be able to create a version unique to their county and state detailing what actions senior and elected leaders should take following a disaster.

FEMA will be hosting three webinars to discuss the proposed toolkit and answer questions. For more information and to view the Senior Leader Toolkit, click here.

To submit comments, please complete the feedback form (found here) and submit by emailing it to

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