Exploring Drivers of Social Inequity: An Interview with Dr. Camara Jones

Tags: Health

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At NACo’s 83rd Annual Conference and Exposition in Nashville, Tenn., Dr. Camara P. Jones, Senior Fellow, Satcher Health Leadership Institute & Adjunct Associate Professor at Morehouse School of Medicine,

As we prepare for this year’s health convenings, we revisit Dr. Jones call to action in assessing the barriers to achieving social equity and acknowledging the disparities that currently exist in our counties. Beyond that, Dr. Jones challenges us to question the status quo as it stands and delve more deeply into why we are where we are as a people.

Join us this July at NACo’s 84th Annual Conference and Exposition Session in Clark County, Nev. for our “Building Equitable and Healthy Counties” session as we continue to unpack health equity and hear how counties across the country have been able to move from conversation to action.

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