County Explorer December Update: Coal Use & Production, Air Quality and more

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New data in December


Coal Use & Production

In 2017, coal production in counties across the nation totaled 702.1 million short tons (MMst).


Air Quality

184 counties in 22 states have been designated by the EPA as nonattainment areas.*


County Expenditures

County governments invested $581.4 billion in serving residents and communities in 2016.†


Parks & Recreation

In 2016, counties invested more than $10.7 billion in building and maintaining parks and recreational facilities.†

*These are counties that do not meet EPA’s 2015 standards for ground-level ozone of 70 parts per billion (ppb) as of November 2018.
†Data are from the US Bureau of the Census, Survey of State and Local Government Finance, which provides government finance statistics for two-thirds of counties with county governments.

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