Counties showcase how to build a culture of preparedness during #ResilientCounties Twitter chat

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On Wednesday, April 11, counties demonstrated how to build a culture of preparedness to disasters as part of NACo’s Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Twitter Chat hosted by @NACoTweets.

Part of the Resilient Counties Initiative’s effort to create a Disaster Toolkit for Counties, the #ResilientCounties Twitter Chat showcased how counties have made critical investments in mitigation projects and policies and forged creative partnerships that have allowed them to sustainably recover from recent disasters.

We know that for every $1 the federal government invests in mitigation, the nation saves $6. However, this figure does not capture the value of investments at the local level, nor does it capture the ingenuity employed by municipal leaders in making forward-thinking funding and policy decisions that promote local resilience. Throughout the day, NACo and its partners shared examples of county accomplishments, as well as available disaster resilience resources that counties can use to start strengthening their own efforts today.

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