2015 Achievement Awards Story Map

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Begun in 1970, the annual Achievement Award Program is a non-competitive awards program that recognizes innovative county government initiatives. Awards are given in 21 different categories including children and youth, criminal justice and public safety, county administration, county resiliency, information technology, health and many more.

Over 120 counties and organizations won awards in 2015. To learn more about this year's awards program and winners, explore the 2015 Achievement Awards Story Map​. The story map has information on the 21 award categories, Best in Category winners, award-winning counties based on population and more.

Explore the 2015 Achievement Awards Story Map​

This story map offers detailed information about the Achievement Award winners based on county population and award category. The text on the left provides information about what is depicted by the maps on the right.

The maps are interactive: you can zoom in to view an area of the map in more detail, zoom out to get a broader view, or click and drag to move the map itself in order to view a different part of the country. Click on the counties featured on the maps to see pop-ups with more information about their award-winning programs.

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