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Behind the Seal - Oct. 30, 2017

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Gwinnett County, Ga.

Introduced in: 2017

Gwinnett County updated its seal, logo and slogan in October 2017 behind a unified rebranding effort to be more reflective of Gwinnett’s much larger, more diverse residential population and business community in a more urban-suburban environment since the seal was introduced in 1988.

The new seal’s kaleidoscopic imagery represents the county’s three major river basins, and the county government’s position as a nexus of the unique people, place and promise of Gwinnett County.

The color variations are the connections among schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, civic institutions, cities and the County.

The Board of Commissioners said in its resolution announcing the new seal: “(it) reflects the desired image of the county as a manifestation of the American dream in a business-friendly environment catering to our unique blend of an international community of various ages, education levels, professional skills and life perspectives, who belong to numerous religious organizations, who preserve divergent cultural practices, who attend harmonious community events and who pursue distinct professional, intellectual and educational endeavors.

“The heart of the kaleidoscope forms a unifying crest, a symbol of our integrity and a token of the county’s unwavering mission to make life better for the people of Gwinnett County.”

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