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Behind the Seal - Oct. 16, 2017

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Allen County, Ohio

Adopted on: Oct. 27, 1953

As part of Ohio’s sesquicentennial in 1953, the Lima Association of Commerce in Allen County surveyed the county’s historically significant features to depict on plaques, which were popular mementos at the time. In time, the plaques became the county seal.

The two men in the foreground represent the county’s industrial and agricultural forces, which combined to make Allen County one of the largest in West Central Ohio.
On the left, industry includes a Standard Oil refinery, which drew much of the county’s population, and manufacturing, which includes the only plant that builds Army tanks. The county is also home to a Proctor and Gamble chemical plant and a Ford plant.
In the center, the county’s outline delineates its 12 townships, and the county courthouse, now being restored, towers above 
all else.

The seal includes the county’s 1931 founding date, and the outside of the seal depicts buckeye flowers, from the state of Ohio’s tree.

County Commissioners Jay Begg and Cory Noonan assisted.

Would you like to see our county's seal featured? Contact Charlie Ban.

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