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Behind the Seal - May 27, 2019

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Canadian County, Okla.

Canadian County is located in central Oklahoma and is the fastest-growing county in the state. The county seal incorporates elements that influenced its formation.

In the center of the seal, an Indian head represents the county’s history with several tribes who were re-located to the area before Oklahoma became a state.

The Chisholm Trail, where Texas cattle were driven to Kansas railroads and markets, extended through Canadian County. The cattle are represented by the longhorn steer in the center of the seal.

The oil well represents how the county is one of the highest-producing areas of natural gas and crude oil in the state.

The county, which has agriculture in its heritage, incorporated wheat into the seal, representing the prevailing crop grown in the county.

On the right side of the seal, an outline of the state incorporates an “OK” for Oklahoma.

The date “1890” on the left side of the seal represents when the county was organized.

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