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Behind the Seal - May 13, 2019

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Lander County, Nevada

Lander County is located in central Nevada. The county created the current seal during the construction of a new building that houses both the courthouse and administrative offices. The updated seal marks the first time in the county’s history when administrative and courthouse employees work in the same building.

Lander County is one of the top producers of gold in the world. Barite, used for oil drilling, is also produced in the county.

Farming is represented by the green alfalfa, seen on the left side of the seal, which grows throughout the county and is sold to dairy farmers.

The cows represent ranching, which is common in the northern and southern parts of the county with cattle and sheep.

The pick, which splits the seal in half, signifies “old” mining, while the yellow loader hauling a bucket of ore represents “new” mining.

The handle of the pick includes an outline of the county’s shape.

Reese River, represented by the blue river toward the bottom of the seal, runs south to north and is only located in Lander County.

Mountains in the background represent the Austin Mountains.

The bird in the top right corner is a Chukar, a bird in the partridge family popular during hunting season.


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