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Behind the Seal - June 24. 2019

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La Paz County, Ariz.

La Paz County is located in western Arizona. The county adopted an official seal in 1983, but an unofficial logo was used throughout the county. Both seals were combined in 2000 to form the current seal.

The left side of the seal was adopted from the original seal and shows paddle wheel boats that were used by miners and settlers along the Colorado River, which runs along the western border of the county.

The piece of pottery on the shore acknowledges the county’s Native American history and the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

The right side of the circular seal represents the location of La Paz County in Arizona and the small communities throughout the county.

The bottom of the seal depicts the Arizona state flag.

Around the right edge of the seal, wheat and cotton represent the agricultural heritage and the county’s economy.

On the left edge of the seal, a pick and shovel represent the county’s history of gold and copper mining.

The county’s motto “future unlimited” is written across the bottom.

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