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Behind the Seal - June 11, 2018

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Cassia County, Idaho

Designed by: Janet Burch
Introduced in: 1987

Adapted from a colored pencil design drawn by contest winner Janet Burch, the Cassia County seal reflects the county’s character and physical attributes.

Front and center, the Snake River irrigates over one million acres of rich farm land and generates electricity for private and industrial users. The irrigation makes the surrounding lands highly productive. Since the beginning of the irrigation projects.

The dairy industry has been an important part of the economy, at one time being so prevalent that cans lined country roads, waiting to be transported to the creamery.

The cow is one of 125,000 head that graze on the state- and federally-owned land within the county.

Agriculturally, the area was known as “The Potato Processing Capital of the World,” and the seal includes a spud, a carrot and wheat.

Sixty percent of the land in Cassia County is state and federally owned and is used primarily for grazing 125,000 head of cattle.

The mountains, clouds and shining sun represent Cassia County’s natural beauty.

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