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Behind the Seal - Feb. 5, 2018

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Weakley County, Tenn.

Designed by: Rachel Melton

Introduced in: October 2017

Weakley County was established in 1823 from land ceded by the Chickasaw Indians. Named for Colonel Robert Weakley, then Speaker of the State Senate, the county is a leading manufacturing, agricultural, business and educational location in northwest Tennessee.

The field in the background features lines representing the original districts that made up Weakley County.

The nine stars in the design symbolize the nine districts that currently make up Weakley County.

The field, tractor and barn at the back left are a nod to Weakley County’s history in agriculture.

The water tower image salutes the cities in Weakley County and each eye-catching and unique water tower in each community.

The power lines at the right of the locomotive acknowledge the fact that the county is one of a few in the state with a county-owned and operated electric system.

The locomotive exemplifies Weakley County’s rich history in rail, and the tri-star at the front of the train illustrates the county’s unity, connection and commitment to the state of Tennessee.

The color of the sky represents the dawning of each new day in Weakley County, with the locomotive moving ever forward.

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