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Behind the Seal - Aug. 6, 2018

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Mercer County, W.Va

Mercer County was formed in 1837 and was named for Continental Army Brigadier General Hugh Mercer. Mercer County remained in Virginia for 20 years, until 55 counties of western Virginia joined the Union as West Virginia, the 35th state, on June 20, 1863. 

The county seal was created in 1974 by a Bicentennial Committee created by the Mercer County Commission to plan the county’s participation in the nationwide celebration of the United States Bicentennial in 1976. It was first used on a commemorative bicentennial coin.

The seal illustrates key components of county history. 

The Bluestone River featured at the top of the seal was the lifeblood for First Nation’s people who settled the region prior to the arrival of European settlers.

 General Mercer on his horse is featured beneath the Bluestone, a river that was called the “Big Stone River” by indigenous people. 

The images of a log cabin, cow, coal mine and logging operation counterclockwise, represent various aspects of life in the county.

Information provided by Commissioner Bill Archer.

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