WIR Strategic Goals

Actively pursue equitable payment, or other mitigation to counties, for the costs associated with federally administered land not subject to tax, and loss of economic opportunity.

  • Press for full appropriations for the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program.
  • Develop a coordinated outreach strategy to inform the public and Congress for the need to address PILT funding and timber and other natural resource receipt shortfalls seriously affecting county budgets and community stability.

Sustain the Western quality of life

  • Participate and promote the NACo Rural Action Caucus and work to promote "rural friendly" policies within NACo.
  • Develop a comprehensive media strategy to educate the public on the diverse needs and concerns of western counties, particularly those dependent on natural resources.
  • Provide tools to counties for managing growth and developing sustainable policies for future generations.
  • Enhance existing economic "engines' and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, airports, ports, dams, etc.
  • Explore and promote new economic "engines" in emerging industries and technologies, such as advanced telecommunications, tourism and other value added activities.
  • Enhance traditional economic uses such as farming, ranching, timbering and mining.

Actively promote county officials as "convenors"

  • Provide a catalyst for county/community problem-solving
  • Bring divergent groups together.
  • Actively court local, state and national officials as part of problem-solving processes.