WIR Articles of Association and Bylaws


Approved by WIR Board of Directors May 9, 1990

Adopted unanimously by WIR Membership May 11, 1990

Amended by WIR Membership May 30, 2003

Amended by WIR Membership May 28, 2004

Amended by WIR Membership October 14, 2010

Amended by WIR Membership May 22, 2015


Article 1. Name

Section 1. The name of this Association shall be the Western Interstate Region, a Region of the National Association of Counties

Article 2. Purpose

Section 1. The purposes for which this Association is formed include, but are not limited to, the ​following:  The promotion of a clearer understanding of issues and their solutions among all countyofficials of the fifteen Western states and their fellow officials throughout the nation as well; theprovision of a consolidated source of information concerning county government in the Western region which shall be available to the National Association of Counties, the Federal Congress, Federal agencies, to all county officials, and to any other proper person or organization; and in general to promote better county government throughout the West and the nation as a whole.

Article 3. Membership

Section 1. Membership in this Association shall consist of every member of the National Association of Counties who is an incumbent county official in any of the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Article 4. Officers

Section 1. 

Officers of this Association (the Executive Committee) shall consist of a president, a firstvice-president, a second-vice president and the Immediate Past President each of whom shall be amember of the Board of Directors of this Association.

  • 4.1.2  The President of WIR shall serve as its representative on the NACo Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year.
  • 4.1.3  In addition to the duties contained in this Article, the Executive Committee shall serve as members of the Board of Trustees of the Public Lands Trust Fund as set forth in Article 7, Section 3of these Articles.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of the four officers named above, plus one or tworepresentatives from each state, chosen from among its county officials by the members from eachstate.  Whether represented by one or two members on the Board of Directors, or whether a state has member as an officer, each state shall have one vote on the Board of Directors.

  • 4.2.1  Every past president of this Association may continue to be a member of the Board of Directors as long as such past president remains an incumbent county official and is appointed bytheir respective State to serve. Past Presidents shall be so identified, but no additional voting rightshall be granted.
  • 4.2.2  Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled, in the case of the states’representatives, by the states themselves.
  • 4.2.3  Vacancies among the officers shall be filled, by a vote of the membership at largetaken at the next regular or special meeting held after the vacancy occurs.

Section 3. “County Officials”, for the purpose of this article, shall be members of a countygoverning board or elected executive officer in their respective counties.

Article 5. Meetings

Section 1. An annual meeting of the Association shall be held each year. In addition, four (4)regular meetings of the Association Board of Directors shall be held each year:

  • 5.1.1 During the annual meeting of WIR.
  • 5.1.2 In conjunction with the Annual Conference of the National Association of Counties.
  • 5.1.3 In the Fall.
  • 5.1.4  In conjunction with the Legislative Conference of the National Association of Counties.
  • 5.1.5 Other meetings may be held from time to time at the call of the President

Article 6, Voting Procedures

Section 1. For any action at the annual or special meeting of the Association, each member stateshall be entitled to five votes on behalf of its membership.

  • 6.1.1 Each vote cast shall be as a whole vote and not as a fractional vote.
  • 6.1.2  No votes may be cast on behalf of any state not represented at any meeting atwhich a vote is to be taken.

​Article 7. Financial Health

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall review, at the annual meeting, and make recommendations to NACo on the budget for the next fiscal year.

Section 2. Dues assessments shall be considered by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting.Maintaining dues at the status quo or lowering of dues shall require a simple majority of the Directors in attendance. Increasing dues shall require a two- thirds (2/3rds) vote of the total Board of Directors.

Section 3.  There shall be a Public Lands Trust Fund to be administered by the Executive Committee, a State Association Executive Director from the state the immediate past president of the Western Interstate Region, the Chairman of the Public Lands Steering Committee and the NACo Executive Director, to be known as the “Board of Trustees,” in accordance with Addendum A – Public Lands Trust Fund Policy, which is attached and made a part of these Articles by reference.

Article 8. Adoption and Amendment of By-laws

Section 1. The Association shall adopt by-laws in conformity with these Articles of Association andmay amend them from time to time as it sees fit, provided that thirty days’ notice of the proposal tochange by-laws and the subject of such proposed change shall be given to all member states andprovided further, that a vote to amend such by-laws shall only be taken at a regular meeting andshall require affirmative vote of two-thirds of those states present at such regular meeting.

Article 9. Amendment of Articles of Association

Section 1. These Articles of Association may be amended from time to time in the same manneras is prescribed by the by-laws for amendment of the by-laws themselves.


Section 1. Time and Place of Meetings

Meetings shall be held at such times and places as the President shall direct, in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Section 2. Election of Officers

  • 2.1  A list of nominees for election to the three positions (President, First Vice President andSecond Vice President) shall be presented by a Nominating Committee to the Board of Directors atthe annual business meeting of this Association.  Floor nominations for the three posts shall remainopen until closed by proper motion.
  • 2.2  There shall be elected a president, first vice president and a second vice president. They shall hold office until their successors are elected.

Section 3. Quorum

When members representing at least a majority of the states in membership of this Associationare present at any meeting, that meeting shall be deemed to have a quorum present for the conduct of Association business, unless otherwise stipulated.

Section 4. Power of Officers

The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association. He shall appoint all special committeesand shall act as chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. In the absence of thepresident at any meeting of the Association, the first vice president shall preside.

The Executive Committee shall serve as members of the Board of Trustees of the Public Lands Trust Fund as set forth in Article 7, Section 3 of the Articles of Association.

Section 5. Powers of Board of Directors

  • 5.1  Power to establish Association policy shall remain in the hands of the membership;provided, that the Board of Directors shall have general supervision over the affairs of the Association in accordance with the policy established by vote of the membership at regular orspecial meetings.
  • 5.2  All interim policy decisions arising between regular meetings of the Association shall bemade by the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee, but such policy shall be subject tochange at the next regular meeting of the membership.
  • 5.3  The Board of Directors shall be subject to the call of the president for both regular andspecial meetings.



​Section 1. General Purposes

There is established a Public Lands Trust Fund created for the purpose of advocacy for the Payments In Lieu of Taxes program under 31 U.S.C 69 and advocacy for other policy issues upon unanimous consent of the Board of Trustees of the Public Lands Trust Fund established by Section 2 of this Policy.

Section 2. Administration

There is established a Board of Trustees (hereafter “Trustees”) for the Public Lands Trust Fund asprovided by Article 7, Section 3 of the Articles of Association whose membership shall be:

The WIR Executive Committee established in the WIR Articles of Association and Bylaws,

The State Association Executive Director from the state of the immediate past president ofthe Western Interstate Region,

The Chairman of the NACo Public Lands Steering Committee, and

The NACo Executive Director

Section 3. Finance, Expenditures and Reimbursements

  • Budget – The Trustees shall meet at the annual Board meeting of WIR each year to adopt a budget for the expenditure of funds from the Trust. The budget shall be presented to the WIR Board forthe record at that meeting. The budget may be adjusted from time to time during the year by theTrustees in order to respond to the critical needs of WIR and NACo.
  • Target Balance – The fund balance target shall be $75,000. If the fund balance is less than the targeton September 30th of any year, the difference between the fund balance and the target shall beassessed to member states, pro-rated in the relationship of the total PILT Payment received by all counties in each state in the Western Interstate Region to the total of all counties in the Western interstate Region. Such assessments shall be billed and due during the following Fiscal Yearbeginning January 1st.

However, at no time shall the annual assessment exceed $24,500 without the unanimous approval ofthe executive directors of the state associations of counties. No assessment shall be made if thebalance exceeds the target in any year.

Contributions to the Public Lands Trust Fund are strictly voluntary and shall not be considered a partof the requirement to pay dues for the benefit of membership in WIR.

  • Expenditures - Expenditures from the Public Lands Trust Fund shall be made upon approval by theTrustees provided for the purposes established in Section 1 and Section 4 of this Policy.
  • Reimbursements – Reimbursements and payments shall be made in amounts as determined by theTrustees using the NACo Travel Reimbursement Policy and GSA Reimbursement Policy asguides. NACo may provide for direct billing for costs such as lodging and meals and other travel related expenses.

Proceeds in the Public Lands Trust Fund shall not be used to support litigation in any form.

Section 4 – Advocacy

NACo WIR PILT Fly-in.  The Trustees shall determine such times that it is appropriate to conduct a fly-in or other appropriate forms of advocacy for county elected officials to meet with members of Congress and relevant staff and the Executive Branch to advocate for PILT.

The WIR Executive Committee, the NACo Public Lands Chair, NACo Legislative Staff, the NACoExecutive Director and State Association Executive Directors shall strategically identify county electedofficials and/or State Association staff members to participate in a fly-in.

NACo will provide staff support and coordinate all fly-in activities and appointments

The trustees by unanimous agreement may consider on an annual basis participation with outside groups and/or organizations such as the National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition, National Wild Land Fire Leadership Council and the National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition when the policies of such organizations are consistent with the policies of WIR and NACo. The Trustees may approve membership dues and travel costs for NACo staff and/or WIR Board members or designees to participate in such organizations.