Finance, Pensions & Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee

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  • Reports & Toolkits | Nov. 20, 2018

    Four years of bicameral Republican control of Congress will end in January after Democrats secured a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections

  • Reports & Toolkits | Aug. 10, 2018

    As the August recess continues and we approach the midterm elections, members of Congress will spend more time in their home states and districts than they will in Washington D.C. between now and the end of the year. This provides an opportunity for county leaders to advocate for legislative and regulatory priorities right at home.

  • Reports & Toolkits | Jul. 11, 2018

    NACo encourages efforts to reduce the complexity of state and local sales and use tax laws and urges Congress to pass legislation codifying the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, which reduces costs and administrative burdens on retailers that collect sales taxes.

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Finance, Pensions and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee


Kevin Boyce
Franklin County, Ohio


Vice Chair

Nathan Magsig
Fresno County, California


Laura Montoya
Sandoval County, New Mexico


Sequanna Taylor
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


Daniel Troy
Lake County, Ohio


John Wilson
County Assessor
King County, Washington


Subcommittee Chair

David Rabbitt (County and Tribal Government Relations)
Sonoma County, California


Grant Veeder (Elections)
Auditor/Commissioner of Elections
Black Hawk County, Iowa


Glen Whitley (Fiscal Policy and Pensions)
County Judge
Tarrant County, Texas


Subcommittee Vice Chair

William Elfering (County and Tribal Government Relations)
Umatilla County, Oregon


Sidney Fitzpatrick (County and Tribal Government Relations)
Big Horn County, Montana


Mike Fricilone (Fiscal Policy and Pensions)
Board Member
Will County, Illinois


Kurt Gibbs (Fiscal Policy and Pensions)
Board Chair
Marathon County, Wisconsin


Warren Mackey (Fiscal Policy and Pensions)
Hamilton County, Tennessee


Alysoun McLaughlin (Elections)
Deputy Election Director
Montgomery County, Maryland


Dolores Ortega-Carter (Fiscal Policy and Pensions)
Travis County, Texas


Michael Vu (Elections)
Registrar of Voters
San Diego County, California



  • Associate Legislative Director – Finance, Pensions and Intergovernmental Affairs  
    (202) 661-8805