Resilient Counties Initiative

In order to remain healthy, vibrant, safe and economically competitive, America’s counties must be able to anticipate and adapt to all types of change. Through the Resilient Counties initiative, NACo works with counties and their stakeholders to bolster their ability to thrive amid changing physical, environmental, social and economic conditions.

Hurricanes, wildfires, economic collapse, and other disasters can be natural or man-made, acute or long-term, foreseeable or unpredictable. Preparation for and recovery from such events requires both long-term planning and immediate action.

NACo works to strengthen county resiliency by building leadership capacity to identify and manage risk, and allow counties to become more flexible and responsive. Through the use of sustainable practices and infrastructure, counties will be better prepared to address these issues in a manner that can minimize the impact on local residents and businesses, while helping counties save money.

Through the initiative, NACo:

  • Develops strategies to foster economic growth and competitiveness;
  • Educates counties on techniques for implementing resiliency and sustainability strategies;
  • Provides tools for counties to educate their communities on resiliency initiatives;
  • Identifies ways to leverage changing conditions and take advantage of new technologies and innovation; and
  • Facilitates an open exchange with the private sector.


Hon. Linda Langston, Chair
Linn County, Iowa
Hon. Paula Brooks, Vice Chair
Franklin County, Ohio
Hon. Kathie Gannon, Vice Chair
DeKalb County, Ga.
Hon. Patricia S. O'Bannon, Vice Chair
Henrico County, Va.
Hon. Darry Stacy, Vice Chair
Cleveland County, Okla.
County Members
Hon. Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh
Merrimack County, N.H.
Hon. Kitty Barnes
Catawba County, N.C.
Jessica Beyer
Communications Manager/Business Analyst
Blue Earth County, Minn.
Hon. Salud Carbajal
Santa Barbara County, Calif.
Hon. Keith Carson
Alameda County, Calif.
Hon. Dolores Ortega Carter
Travis County, Texas
Marty Cassini
Legislative Counsel
Broward County, Fla.
Doug Hill
Executive Director
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Hon. Randy Johnson
Hennepin County, Minn.
Hon. John Maynard
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Santa Cruz County, Ariz.
Carol Moehrle
Public Health Director
Nez Perce County, Idaho
Dean Olson
Resource Recovery & Energy Director
Will County, Ill.
Hon. Fred Payne
County Councilman;
Chair, GC Economic Development Corporation
Greenville County, S.C.
Hon. Victoria A. Reinhardt
Ramsey County, Minn.
Hon. Chris Rodgers
Douglas County, Neb.
Hon. Jim Schmidt
County Commissioner Chairman
Lincoln County, S.D
R.C. Smith
Office of Emergency Management
El Paso County, Colo.
Hon. Lianne Thompson
Clatsop County, Ore.
Hon. Arlanda J. Williams
Terrebonne Parish, La.
Tim Wolken
Executive Director of Community Services
El Paso County, Colo.
Corporate Members
Hon. Greg Fox
Director of Business Development
Constellation Energy
Jessyca Henderson
Director, Local Relations
American Institute of Architects
Dana Johnston
Marketing Manager, Energy
Terri Jones
Margaret Larson
Assurance Services
Ernst & Young
Richard Leadbeater
Local Government Trade Association Liaison
Steve Montle
Carton Council
Sheila Sarovich
Waste Management
Martha Thompson
Director, Corporate Public Affairs
Duke Energy
Taylor Tomczyszyn
Director, National Programs
CBS EcoMedia
Danielle Waterfield
Assistant Counsel & Director of Government Relations

Advisory Board Members


Kathy Nothstine
Program Director, Community and Economic Development

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