Healthy Counties Initiative


NACo’s Healthy Counties Initiative creates and sustains healthy counties by collaborating and sharing innovative approaches to pressing health issues.

The Initiative focuses on enhancing public-private partnerships in local health delivery, improving individual and community health, and helping counties effectively implement the Affordable Care Act.  An Advisory Board, comprised of county leaders who are health advocates and corporate partners, identifies priorities and ensures that other county leaders receive timely information to make appropriate health decisions for their counties.

The Initiative focuses on promoting:

  • Access to, and coordination of, care for vulnerable populations in the community, including through health services in hospitals, community health centers and county jails, while focusing on cost-containment strategies, and
  • Community public health, prevention, and wellness programs.

By addressing these and other relevant topics, the Initiative enables county leaders to use best practices and foster public-private partnerships to create and sustain healthy communities.


The Initiative empowers county leaders with resources for promoting and advancing health policies and programs that meet the needs of their residents and employees.  County leaders and corporate partners collaborate, share efficient and effective solutions, and build healthy counties through educational forums, workshops, webinars, peer exchanges, and publications.