Leading, Managing, Developing and Keeping Millenials

As of 2017, millennials comprise over 38% of the U.S. workforce and are estimated to make up 75% of the workforce in just eight years!  What are you doing now to develop them and how are you going to prepare for the upcoming millennial tsunami?  At this presentation you will learn the unique characteristics of the millennial generation and some techniques to lead, manage, and develop them; so you can not only keep them loyal to your organization, but also productive and engaged. As more and more baby boomers enter retirement we need to preserve their institutional knowledge, work ethic culture, and leadership principles and practices.  As Gen-X prepares to take the reins, they will need to understand and appreciate what millennials can do to help them achieve career and organizational goals.  Some say that it is simply the tendencies of youth that make the millennial generation the way they are and that given time they will be just like other generations.  The research shows otherwise.  Come and learn how to hasten their successful integration into your organization and community.