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Commuting Patterns Across Counties


Understanding commuting patterns — or the journey from home to work — is important for counties in planning transportation projects and economic development efforts.  The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data from 2008 – 2012, shows variation in the ways workers travel to work in counties across the country.

Although the automobile was still the dominant mode of transport for commuters nationwide, there is variation in the numbers of people commuting to work by automobile across regions of the U.S. and across small, medium and large size counties.  Compared to other modes of transport including public transportation, walking, biking, taxicab or motorcycle — driving to work in an automobile has the largest share of workers nationwide, with 86 percent of workers in this category.  However, there is variation in the share of workers that drive to work across regions of the U.S.  In the northeast only 74 percent of workers drive to work, while in the South slightly over 90 percent of workers drive an automobile to work.  In examining the data at the county level, large counties—those wi...

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