NACo Dental Discount Program

NACo Dental Discount Program Available to ALL Member Counties!

Through a partnership with Careington International Corporation, the National Association of Counties is pleased to introduce the NACo Dental Discount Program! This simple discount card can help the residents of NACo member counties save 5% to 50% on dental care, and 20% on orthodontics. The card is for people who are uninsured but can also complement health insurance plans or work with health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements.

  • COUNTIES can get more information on how your county can benefit from the program by visiting the county website.  





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NACo Dental Discount Program Webinar
Key NACo staff and representatives of the program administrator, Careington held an in depth webinar on the NACo Dental Discount Program.

Watch the webinar here!

Get the webinar slides here!

 Did You Know?

The Affordable Care Act does not cover dental care for adults, leaving a large need for dental care help. A need that the NACo Dental Discount Program addresses. Watch this Wall Street Journal report on the ACA and dental coverage.



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Director of Membership Marketing

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