NACo Green Purchasing

Altering what we purchase is one of the most direct ways that we can simultaneously save money and positively impact our environments. With this in mind, counties across the country are evaluating their purchasing strategies to find opportunities to save taxpayer money, reduce negative environmental impacts, and find better performing products to provide vital services to their communities. This page is a home for resources and training materials to help America’s counties purchase green without compromising on cost or performance. 

County Green Purchasing Toolkit
An interactive resource for green purchasing strategies, assessment tools, model materials, and county success stories.


 Recognizing County Green Purchasing Policies


Across the county, counties are committing to buy sustainable products that have a reduced impact on the environment and human health, when compared to traditional products.  NACo wants to recognize the Green Purchasing Policies that are guiding these programs.

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Core Values

NACo and its partners, U.S. Communities, the Responsible Purchasing Network, and Green Seal believe that when buying products with reduced environmental impacts, it is unacceptable to compromise on quality and cost. In fact, the County Green Purchasing Toolkit contains case studies that illustrate how counties are already purchasing green products and actually saving money through lower upfront costs, reduced operating costs, and avoid substantial costs associated with hazardous material disposal.


Demonstration Projects

NACo is working with its partners to provide FREE samples of green products to counties. The first round of the Biobased Demonstration Project included seventeen counties utilizing soy-based products. The products were received well and the demonstration proved to be great success. Learn more about the project in a recent County News article, and check back soon to hear the success stories of the participating counties. 


Workshops and Webinars 

Going Green Without Going Into the RED--2011 Annual Conference Workshop

Green Purchasing 2,0: No Compromising on Cost and Performance--Oct 2011 Webinar

Saving Money with Green Purchasing--Nov 2010 Webinar

Sustainable Purchasing & Politics: Leading and Staying Out of the Mud--Sept 27 2012 Webinar