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NACo recognizes the American Institute of Architects as a leader in sustainable building and community design and is proud to have the organization as a partner in its Green Government Initiative. Through the Initiative, NACo and AIA provide county leaders tools to help them green their buildings, design more livable communities, and become more efficient governments.

Partnership Focus

The AIA has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857. For more than 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more sustainable buildings and cityscapes. As a leader in sustainable development, the AIA has a vested interest in working with America’s counties to expand green building and green jobs across the country. At the same time, AIA members possess the hands-on knowledge and tools that county officials need to put their sustainability plans into action.

Priority Areas

Green Building
Despite difficult economic times many counties continue to push forward with new building development and existing building renovation. And many are pursuing green buildings. Green buildings are helping counties increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, improve environmental quality and save on operating costs.

Community-wide Sustainability
AIA is heavily engaged in community-wide sustainability and planning. Their Sustainable Design Assessment Teams (SDAT) Program is helping counties across the country plan for a more sustainable future.

Green Jobs
Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs represent some of the most crucial concerns for county governments in this challenging economy. Many AIA members hold the green jobs county officials are attempting to grow and recruit into their communities. NACo works with AIA to help counties understand the issues of attracting and developing green jobs.

Case Studies

King County Green Building and Sustainable Development Ordinance
Sarasota County Promotes Affordable, Sustainable Housing with Community Housing Fund
Hennepin County and Minnesota's Sustainable Design Guidelines
Alameda County Green Building Program

Resources for NACo Members

AIA Sustainability Resource Center
Sustainable Design Policy Resource Center
Local Leaders in Sustainability
50to50: 50 strategies toward 50 percent fossil fuel reduction in buildings
Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDATs)
AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE)


To learn more about how your county can work with AIA, contact:

Brooks Rainwater 
Director, Public Policy 





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