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December 17
Creating and Retaining Coastal Jobs

Restoring Coastal Habitats for Resilient Coastal Economies Web Series – Part 4

Written by Jen Horton, NACo Program Manager
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The “Restoring Coastal Habitats for Resilient Coastal Economies” web series provides coastal county leaders and coastal managers with an overview of how environmental restoration initiatives can help strengthen the ongoing vitality of coastal economies. The four-part series will highlight examples from counties that are pursuing coastal restoration projects to: 

Each blog post will provide case studies, resources and funding opportunities that relate to each topic area.   

Today’s post is the final installment of this web series; it provides information about how environmental restoration efforts create and retain coastal jobs. 

Restoration efforts not only promote storm and flood resiliency, protect healthy fisheries and support coastal tourism, but also support local economies by creating jobs. For example, restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes and Everglades supported more than 3,200 jobs in 2010.

Restoration activities provide a wide range of jobs for construction workers, planners, engineers, general contractors, landscapers and heavy equipment operators. Additionally, restoration projects support local businesses, such as plant nurseries, wood and rock suppliers and hardware stores.

Unlike other economic sectors, coastal and estuary restoration jobs are rarely outsourced, provide immediate employment opportunities and require skills and machinery already available in the local workforce. In this way, restoration jobs directly support local economic development and overall resilience. 

CCRI YouTube.png
This short video, created by the National Wildlife Federation, provides examples of how coastal restoration efforts serve as local job creators

Habitat restoration jobs also support fisheries, tourism and recreation opportunities that also serve as job creators. For example:

Want to learn more about your own county’s information regarding coastal-related job trends, impacts and other wetland benefits? Visit the Coastal County Snapshots, a tool provided by NOAA’s Digital Coast website. 

Restoration Grant Opportunity

Counties can click here to apply for the next round of Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Programfunding, or contact Jen Horton ( for more details.


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