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July 18
ENERGY STAR Launches New Portfolio Manager Tool

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Yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program released a complete upgrade for its popular Portfolio Manager tool, the industry-leading benchmarking tool for commercial buildings. Portfolio Manager is the only no-cost online resource that lets users benchmark against national averages, while tracking and managing energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2004, NACo has worked with ENERGY STAR to promote energy efficiency, and provide energy tracking assistance to counties.  NACo currently works with counties to leverage their energy usage data with the Portfolio Manager Tool, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.  Click here to learn more about NACo’s efforts.

The new Portfolio Manager will feature an easier-to-use interface, streamlined functionality, improved usability and enhanced reporting features. For example, data entry is easy with enhanced graphics, wizards and prompts. Collaboration is improved with advanced sharing and reporting functions. Custom tabs let users plan and set goals to track both current and future projects. Especially beneficial to counties, the Portfolio Manager overhaul will make it easier to enter, track and compare building types specific to local governments.

The Portfolio Manager upgrade has huge potential for helping counties accelerate their energy and cost savings. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program recommends the new Portfolio Manager as the easiest way to rev up energy savings for new and existing users. NACo Green Government Initiative staff will continue to support counties who are interested in using Portfolio Manager and other ENERGY STAR resources. Send an email to for more information.

Learn more about the new Portfolio Manager—and take a test drive—at


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