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    Management Hero Emerges from the Disaster in Parkland

    About six weeks ago there was a day which began in a routine and peaceful way. There was the enjoyable beauty of a quiet morning complete with dark roast Italian coffee and two newspapers demanding to be read. Later, however, word came, followed by a phone call, that changed all of that. Something horrific had happened.
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    Plagues on Our House

    Today we battle two particularly vicious plagues in the world at the same time. The first is a worldwide outbreak of a particularly virulent strain of influenza. The second is another worldwide plague – this one against the concepts of respect and civil rights.
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    Icons in Our Lives

    This is a story about icons in our lives. It follows a trip to the UK recently for the wonderful Charlotte and me to visit a couple of places and exhibits of great personal interest. For Charlotte, the watercolor-painting lady, a collection of the works of painter John Singer Sargent was not to be missed.