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    Plagues on Our House

    Today we battle two particularly vicious plagues in the world at the same time. The first is a worldwide outbreak of a particularly virulent strain of influenza. The second is another worldwide plague – this one against the concepts of respect and civil rights.
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    Icons in Our Lives

    This is a story about icons in our lives. It follows a trip to the UK recently for the wonderful Charlotte and me to visit a couple of places and exhibits of great personal interest. For Charlotte, the watercolor-painting lady, a collection of the works of painter John Singer Sargent was not to be missed.
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    Preventing Major Disasters

    Like every one of us, the horrific hurricane, wind and water damage in much of Texas compels our attention no matter where we live. Even now, I am awaiting specific predictions about the path of oncoming Hurricane Irma. I think back to my experience working for many years as a county and city-appointed official in California and Florida.
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    The Great American Cover-up

    Cover-up” usually means deception or deliberate efforts to mask or hide unlawful or unethical behavior.  However, another and much more incredible meaning has been presented to hundreds of millions of Americans recently.  It all occurred in less than four minutes depending on your location.