Kevan Stone

Associate Legislative Director – Transportation

Kevan Stone serves as NACo's Associate Legislative Director for Transportation and Infrastructure. He is responsible for all policy development and advocacy pertaining to the county role in ownership and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports and other important infrastructure. Kevan previously served as Policy Advisor for United States Congressman and former House Transportation Committee Chairman John L. Mica. In addition to transportation, he has worked on a legislative portfolio including defense, veterans affairs, energy, foreign affairs, financial services as well as budgetary and tax policy. Kevan has co-authored Congressional Staff reports dealing in aviation, rail and highways.

Prior to coming to Washington, Kevan worked in the private sector as the managing director of a successful small business in Orange County, Florida. Originally from Great Britain, Kevan grew up in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County, Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Political Science.

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