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 NACo 2012 election credentials in the mail

By Ilene Manster

Credentials and voting information for NACo’s 2012 election were mailed May 14 to the chief elected official (CEO) of each member county.

To vote, a county must have paid its 2012 dues and have at least one paid registration to the annual conference. The CEO must indicate on the credentials form, the names of the voting delegate and alternate authorized to pick up a county’s voting materials.  There can only be one alternate designated on the form.

The CEO must also indicate on the credentials form whether the county would want its ballot cast by another (proxy) county or its state association of counties’ president, or his or her designee in the event that neither of its designated delegates picks up the county’s ballot. A county may also choose not to cast its ballot.

Each member county must return a form, signed by the chief elected official, in order to vote. In addition to being mailed, the credentials form is also available via a link on the NACo website at The deadline to return the form is Friday, June 22.

This year’s election will be held on Tuesday, July 17 at 10 a.m. during the Business Meeting at the NACo Annual Conference in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Pa. Counties will vote on resolutions that set NACo legislative and association policy for the coming year. Delegates will also elect NACo officers for the coming year. The position of second vice president is usually the one position that is contested.

The county must be a NACo member “in good standing” in order to vote, meaning that a county’s dues for 2012 must be paid before the voting occurs.  Also, the county must have at least one paid registration for the annual conference and have proper credentials.

The credentials form attests to a county’s eligibility to vote. The form contains information on the number of votes a county is eligible to cast, as well as the identity of the delegate who is authorized to cast the county’s vote.

The number of votes per county is determined by the amount of dues it pays.  Dues are based on population.  NACo’s bylaws allot one vote per $500 in dues:

  • Counties with dues of $400 to $499 receive one vote.
  • Counties with dues of $500 to $999 receive two votes.
  • Counties with dues of $1000 to $1,499 receive three votes, and so on.
  • The maximum number of votes a county can receive is 112.

The Credentials Committee ensures that all member counties participating in the election process, either for NACo officers of policy, are able to do so in the most efficient and fair manner. The committee confirms requests for credentials pick up, helps guarantee the process runs smoothly, resolves credentials disputes, and assists during the election itself.

The 2012 Credentials Committee members are:

  • Helen Purcell, recorder, Maricopa County, Ariz., chair
  • Cindy Bobbitt, commissioner, Grant County, Okla., member
  • Walter Tejada, county boardmember, Arlington County, Va., member
  • Arlanda Williams, councilwoman, Terrebonne Parish, La., member

The NACo bylaws also provide for a parliamentarian, reading clerk and tally clerk to aid in the election process.  They are:

  • David Ferdinand, commissioner, Canyon County, Texas, parliamentarian
  • Lee May, commissioner, DeKalb County, Ga., reading clerk, and
  • Patty O’Connor, taxpayer services director, Blue Earth County, Minn., tally clerk.

If you have any questions, please contact Ilene Manster, membership coordinator at or 888.407.NACO (6226) x291.


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