National Association of Counties
Washington, D.C.


Dental Discount Program now available to NACo-member counties 

The NACo Dental Discount Program is now available to all member counties in 47 states.* It gives counties an opportunity to offer their uninsured residents or employees dental and orthodontics savings. The discount card allows people to save 5 percent to 50 percent on dental care, and 20 percent on orthodontics.

For more information on implementing this new program in your county, go to and click on “Solutions Center” and “Help Your Residents” from the drop-down list. You will see a clear link to the NACo Dental Discount Program. You may also call toll-free for more information at 1.888.407.6226 (NACo) and ask for “membership.”

(*Currently, the program is not available in Montana, Vermont and Washington, but NACo is working with the program partner Careington, Intl. to offer the program in the future for the counties within these states.)


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