National Association of Counties
Washington, D.C.

The Network of Care Personal Health Record

NACo, in partnership with Trilogy Integrated Resources, offers innovative Network of Care websites and eLearning online training services to county, local and state agencies nationwide.

The Personal Health Record (PHR) on the Network of Care websites is a unique and free service that anyone can use to store their personal health information. Thousands of records have been created, and the tool is an excellent way to privately store important information that can be easily retrieved at any time. PHR features include:

  • free use, contains no commercial advertisements and is available on all Network of Care sites
  • fully registered, HL7-compliant record that meets the highest international standards for electronic medical records, including fully encrypted, password-protected security
  • private and safe storage of virtually any medical, health, personal and legal documents, as well as private notes
  • best-in-class articles from the Network of Care Library can be stored in the record. It can also immediately find the local service agencies that deal with a particular condition
  • full integration with the Network of Care means the record’s creator has the ability to find and store a wide variety of interactive self-assessment tools and eLearning-based educational and recovery programs
  • visitor access can be granted by the creator to see all or part of the personal record — all under the exclusive control of the creator. A guest, in turn, can leave a private message for the record’s creator
  • an emergency card or care coordination card that can be kept in a purse or wallet for valuable use in a wide variety of circumstances, and
  • full interoperability standards with electronic medical records, if there is a willing provider.

The Network of Care was selected through a nationally solicited competitive bid process by Fairfax County, Va. Acting as the lead public agency, Fairfax County issued a national RFP for a comprehensive, integrated Web-based information and referral system.

Trilogy Integrated Resources’ Network of Care was selected as the provider of these services, and partners with NACo to offer the program throughout the country. This approach has simplified the process for counties and other public agencies that can piggyback on a contract competitively bid by another public agency, eliminating the need to re-bid the services.

If you would like more information about this service, please contact Jim Sawyer at 202.661.8868 or or Jacqueline Zimmer, Trilogy Integrated Resources, at 415.458.5900 or