National Association of Counties
Washington, D.C.

 NACo seeks member ambassadors

The NACo Ambassador Program helps new and existing member counties become more familiar with NACo by pairing county officials and staff with an experienced ambassador. The ambassadors will share their experience and help county officials and staffs to better understand what NACo has to offer and how to maximize participation in NACo.

Whether it’s participating in exclusive member-benefit programs, attending conferences and steering committee meetings or using the NACo website to find a grant, a NACo Ambassador can help county officials and staff get their bearings, while creating great networking opportunities with their colleagues.

 The ambassador also aids NACo staff with welcoming new NACo member counties and retaining existing counties by speaking of member exclusive benefits and services, legislative affairs and upcoming NACo activities and events.

 Cindy Bobbitt, Grant County, Okla. commissioner, is a NACo Ambassador and active in her role to bring NACo and its programs to the attention of elected officials and staff. 

“As county officials, we each make choices: We can stay in our own environment and let county government continue as is, or we can get involved and make county government stronger and better. NACo is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States. Being an involved member in NACo allows county officials to do just that,” Bobbitt said. 

“In particular, NACo Ambassadors help establish quality first impressions with county officials and county staff to ensure these new officials receive information to help solve issues back home, save money for taxpayers and become better prepared public servants,”  she continued. “In short, NACo Ambassadors help fill the gap and get people connected. I am honored to serve as a NACo Ambassador. This organization has prestige and strength, and I hope members will take advantage of the many opportunities it offers. “

To volunteer to be an ambassador or to sign up to speak with an ambassador, please contact Ilene Goldberg, membership coordinator, at 888.407.NACo (6226) ext. 291, or​