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November 08
​NACo Second VP Testifies on Wildfire Mitigation before Senate Subcommittee

On November 5, Sallie Clark, NACo Second Vice President and Commissioner of El Paso County, CO, testified before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee’s Subcommittee on Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources. The hearing, “Shortchanging Our Forests:  How Tight Budgets and Management Decisions Can Increase the Risk of Wildfire,” featured testimony from local Colorado business and government representatives from wildfire-affected areas.

“I want to stress the need for more investment in mitigation and the importance of having the Forest Service working together with local officials to make the most of that investment,” Clark said. “Fires and devastating and destructive flash floods have no respect for private property lines, city, county, state and federal boundaries or critical public safety and utilities infrastructure or potential loss of life.”

Clark, whose county was devastated last year by the Waldo Canyon Fire, said she was encouraged to see the introduction of bipartisan legislation that would give local officials the flexibility needed to do fire mitigation in a manner that will ensure the greatest return on our investment.

“We need to mitigate the greatest threats for fires and floods, whether they are on public lands or private property and we need the flexibility to partner and collaborate with multiple agencies, jurisdictions and land owners to get the job done,” Clark said.  “And, local input is a key to understanding the needs of communities.”

Click here is read her full testimony.

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