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March 22
​Comprehensive Immigration Bills Expected in April, Action Needed
The bipartisan Senate group working on comprehensive immigration reform announced that they expect to introduce legislation the week of April 8.  The Senators are putting the finishing touches on their general agreement and staff will be drafting the bill during the recess.  Mark-up in the Senate Judiciary Committee is not expected until May.

House leadership has been holding listening sessions with members.  The bipartisan House group that has been meeting for several years is also expected to unveil their proposal in April, although it is uncertain if they will have legislative language ready or whether it will be a set of principles.

The NACo Board of Directors unanimously adopted a new resolution at the legislative conference that calls for comprehensive immigration reform that:

  • ​provides for uniform enforcement of all existing laws
  • secures our borders
  • includes a national strategy for coordination among federal, state, local and tribal authorities
  • establishes a sensible and orderly guest worker program
  • imposes no unfunded mandates on state and local governments
  • includes no mandates on counties to enforce immigration laws
  • preserves the eligibility of legal non-citizens for federally-funded health benefits and provides a sustainable funding stream to counties for their cost of providing health services to legal non-citizens who are denied federally-funded health benefits
  • establishes an earned path to citizenship that includes registering, background checks, demonstrating employment, learning English and civics, paying back taxes and fees that may be required
  • improves and simplifies the current legal immigration system 
  • provides green cards for science, technology, engineering and mathematics students who have received a graduate degree from American universities.

The recess gives county officials an opportunity to meet with their members of Congress in support of NACo’s position on comprehensive immigration reform.  In addition to personal meetings, NACo recommends that members try to attend their town hall meetings.  NACo has prepared a policy brief that you can use for your discussions.  Individualized talking points from NACo are available. 

Contact: Marilina Sanz  202.942.4260 


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